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A case study is a detailed narrative of a research process. There is a misconception that this is only undergone by medical students or students in the science field. However, almost all students in any field would actually find case studies helpful in their pursuit of knowledge. It is just one of those requirements, students have in school, but this one entails in-depth research and intensive documentation.

Elements of case studies

Case study research and the document itself are very comprehensive. The following comprise a single document:

  • Background of the problem – The student has to give the reader a quick background on what he or she is trying to solve. This sets the tone of the entire document.
  • The problem – medical students would usually pertain to this as the part where they lay down the illness or disease. For other students, it is mainly the problem they want to solve.
  • The method of solving the problem – this is where students lay out their action plan to solve the problem.
  • Actual process of solving the problem – this part documents the execution of the action plan to solve the problem. This is expected to be as detailed as possible.
  • Results – This is simply the outputs the student gets upon execution of his or her method.

It is simply the scientific process, but of course, it could be as complicated and comprehensive as what your professor expects from you.

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