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Ever wondered how essay writers do it? They weave a string of words perfectly that it is almost as if they have already incorporated a melody in it.  Extremely different from technical and report writing, creative writing is a talent and skill developed over time. In this type of writing, you have to have an artistic flair. You aim to be concise, precise, yet descriptive.

Why it’s difficult to do creative writing?

As mentioned, creative writing is developed over time. These are the elements of creative writing that you always have to take note of:
  • Genre
  • Language
  • Vocabulary

Unlike technical writing, creative writing pieces fall under a certain genre. It is supposed to evoke emotions, compared to technical writing that sounds clinical and impartial. The language also plays a big role. Do you want to sound ominous? Do you want to sound casual or friendly? In addition, you have to be immensely descriptive, and you can only do that if you have a wide vocabulary.

How to creative writing exercises help?

If you are really eager to learn creative writing, allow us to help you. As experts, we can offer our creative writing tutor services so you can also become the writer you want to be. Our exercises can help you with the following:

  • Widening vocabulary – What writers should aim is a concise way of saying things. It isn’t true that flowery pieces are always better. The skills of a writer are tested if they can simply and beautifully what they want to say, and you can do this by learning more words to aptly describe your messages.
  • Style exploration – Different writers have different writing styles, the same way painters have different ways of painting. A certain style may not work for a person, and so, it is important for a writer to learn what writing style he or she is more comfortable with and which style he or she can best relay his message
  • Genre exploration – The genre depends on what the writers think they should write and what their overarching theme is most of the time. Of course, this will differ each time. Writers are not tied down to a specific genre. However, through this exercise, the writer can see which genres he can try.

Where you can use your creative writing skills?

Although writing descriptively with beautiful words is a talent, it is also a skill one can learn, and we are happy to share this with those who want to pursue the writing industry.

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