What the literature review is?

Performing a thesis requires a huge amount of work – the formulation of the main idea, the determination of the research significance, preparation of the toolkit for practical research. A literature review is important in any thesis. Well, it is the very first chapter of any study. A literature review is intended to introduce the urgency of the applicant’s designated thesis and its place in contemporary science.

Literature reviews allow to determine the state of the problem, identify the specific properties of problem analysis by other researchers, and to identify issues that were so far uncertain. Home study of the scientific literature is possible by reading journal articles that have come out in recent years, also there are special collections of abstracts, which provide a short description of a certain publication. If the article relates to the topic, attention should be payed to the list of references, which lets you know the other publications that relate to the thesis. Of course, this activity is pretty time-consuming.

When the desired publication found, a natural question arises – how does the scientific article look like? A literature review is a consecration of all the information that is available on a research topic, which accumulated in the scientific community. A literature review’s importance is hard to overemphasize – it reflects a degree of familiarity with the applicant’s field of study. Literature review ideally sanctifies the whole layer of the available data, however, it emphasizes the weaknesses, gaps in scientific knowledge, thus once again emphasizing the relevance of the research. Your literature review should be carried out right after the determination of the dissertation topic as to determine the research problem is often almost impossible without the analysis of available information, really, why to study what has already been learned.

How to get a literature review?

The writing of literature review takes at least 20-30 days, while the search of information sources takes at least a month. These terms are real only in the case you posses the relevant scientific literature analysis skills. Typically, the size of literature review is at least 20-30 pages, however, it is true if the information is presented in the clearest manner, typically the initial literature review to the master’s thesis occupy much more volume, but as a result of numerous revisions is reduced by supervisors to the specified volume. That is, the size of the LR can be changed due to the removal of excess, according to the head, information, or on the contrary – add anything new. Preparation of a literature review is deservedly recognized as the most difficult part in the writing of the paper, and therefore the best option is to turn to our organization.

Why turn to us for a literature review

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